The Lake of Love

I have published this book… and it is still a challenge for me the fact that it is “out there” for anybody to see… Some part of me wants to hide away and say… “hey, it’s nothing, it’s no big deal”, while another part of me says…

“Don’t hide. It is out there for a reason. The reason is big and important”

So, I think the reason is this….

Currently, there is not enough love to go around…. And this situation can be rectified. It can be healed. We don’t have to live by the code of the jungle. We can change that.

There could be enough love for us to love our siblings and cherish them for their uniqueness. There could be enough love for us to love our employers and forgive them for their blind spots, they too are human. There could be enough love for us to love our parents even though they may have disappointed us badly. There could be enough love for us to love our close friends even if they have betrayed our trust, or so we feel. There could be enough love for us to love all people whether they behave beautifully or not. There could be enough love if we allow ourselves to bask in the endless love energy of the universe that is available for us in the Lake of Love.

The Lake of Love is a place, but it is also a dimension. I believe that we all can attune to this dimension and replenish ourselves with the most nourishing of all energies… the Love energy. True, it is not seen by many, mainly because our eyesight is governed by our brain and what it allows us to see. But when we do attune to it, it can be felt and it does alter our perspective and the way we choose to live our life.


The book… “The Lake of Love” offers a very intimate peek at the workings of the universe and how it has taught me through my life experiences of the vast unknown dimensions that exist alongside our everyday life. I have received and am still receiving guidance from unseen guides. My guides are unseen by most people, except for a few people who have the “sight”. I have journeyed with the help of my guides to many dimensions and have brought back with me the sensations and knowledge that now, many years since then, I am still pondering its significance. Not all of my journeys are included in the book. Some were not allowed to be published yet. I trust my guidance and it has been a privilege to receive such loving and encouraging guidance throughout my life.  Life is truly good in all its myriad phases.

Since the publication of the book I hear from many people how the book has touched them. Each reader has his or her favorite chapter. Many people say that I have written about them, that they could find themselves in the chapters of the book. That they feel they have intimate knowledge of the dimensions that I have journeyed to. They have felt these dimensions themselves.

This feedback encourages me to openly appreciate the significance of the book I have published. It is bigger than my own personal experience of it.  It is a present that is offered freely to whoever wishes to attune to the dimensions depicted in it through my personal story.  Thank you for reading it. Thank you for accepting the present offered in it.

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