Love in the workplace

We expect to feel love at home with our family and with close friends. It is usually upsetting if we experience the lack of love in our own family with parents or siblings and maybe even more so if we experience it with our spouse or children.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, we don’t expect to feel or have a loving relationship in the workplace and if it is absent, we are not overly upset by it. In the workplace it is oftentimes an arena where competition rules, not love. Therefore it would be pleasantly surprising if we did have a loving relationship in the workplace.

When we consider that most of our time we spend at work, wouldn’t it be healthier and greatly rewarding if we did nourish ourselves with loving relationships at work?  If you wish to invite me for a lecture at your workplace, please contact me via this short form – click here.

Would having a loving relationship in the workplace make us complacent and inefficient? Would it be a disadvantage for the company we work in? I think not. I have not conducted a formal research on the subject, but I have treated in my clinic hundreds of people over the past two decades. I myself have worked for hi-tech companies during the 80’s and the 90’s and have had the opportunity to experience the consequences of highly competitive atmospheres as well as other forms of atmospheres that encouraged loving relationships.

In fact, I believe that in companies where the atmosphere is a highly competitive one, there are the perfect ingredients for the incubation of sexual affairs. Sexual drives run high where competition runs high. That is hardly surprising. Another incentive for affairs in the workplace is when two people who spend so much time with each other on the job, feel a connection and closeness that defines them as separate from the competitive jungle around them.

In my experience, affairs in the workplace make us inefficient and are detrimental for the company we work in. Therefore, competitive cultural atmosphere in the workplace is not beneficial.

I would have liked to see more and more companies who value the true satisfaction of their employees as paramount and indicators of their success. And that their satisfaction is not based singularly on measurable factors, such as income. I would have liked that more and more people on our planet feel that they are loved on the job and in the workplace and that this love is not used as an excuse for a low pay. Somehow, I find that many people feel that you either love your workplace or you get paid real well. As if these two are opposites of each other. It is as if taken for granted that a well off company is one that pays well but the competitive atmosphere is very high and therefore no love can flourish, whereas, a company that runs a loving atmosphere is probably not doing well financially.

My vision for the workplace and for companies is that their justification for existing would be the twinkle in the eyes of their employees who feel that they are privileged to be working in such a place that sees and acknowledges them and celebrates their unique contribution, as well as their financial success.

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