Life Alignment

I have a clinic at home and I work with people who come for sessions of Life Alignment. Essentially, as I see it, Life Alignment, which was formerly called Body Alignment Technique, is a spiritual method. We cannot align our life with wellbeing just by accumulating quantitative matter. There is a yearning and a desire within each of us for a satisfying and enriching life. Most of us have an idea of what is missing from our life, the lack of which causes our dissatisfaction or dis-ease.

Life Alignment works with the unseen spiritual realm of our being, and of the universe, to better align us with what can truly bring us into the center and the core of our being, thus bestowing on us the wellbeing of a truly complete experience. When I feel complete, I lack nothing. I am aligned with myself and the Universe.  I can then freely and openly choose what I wish to be part of my life as well as to choose how I relate to what I have or am. This many times has the potential of alleviating pain, emotional as well as physical. It can influence the nature of our relationship to ourselves and others and bring us peace and enjoyment.

I started working with Life Alignment in 1995. Over the years I have had the privilege to see many positive changes that happened to people who have come for Life Alignment sessions. Life Alignment method was established by Dr. Jeff Levin from whom I have studied. Dr. Levin teaches students of Life Alignment throughout the globe. He travels to Israel between 2 to 3 times a year and teaches as well as gives intensives which are open to the public, not only to students.

I believe that the beauty of Life Alignment, apart from its enormous potential to align us with our optimum life path, is that it can be taught. People can learn to apply this spiritual healing method and use it to better align themselves, their loved ones, or open a clinic and make it their professional occupation. A dedication and a love of people and life would be a good starting point as pre-requisites to studying this spiritual method. Life Alignment will direct us to better align ourselves with our spiritual being regardless of our religion. The practitioners of Life Alignment do not influence or interfere with a person’s religion or belief. The method can be applied by all people of all nations and beliefs.

In Israel Life Alignment can be studied by teachers who are spread all over the country. I teach Life Alignment in Rehovot and in other cities where a group of people assembles and invite me to come there and teach. Dr. Jeff Levin, during his visits in Israel teaches in Tel Aviv. He also teaches in England, Italy, Norway, Australia and South Africa.

I am thoroughly enthusiastic about this spiritual method and am eternally grateful to it since it has helped me align myself with my true life purpose as well as to heal my son from epilepsy. My son was born in 1985 and started almost immediately having epileptic seizures. Since epilepsy runs in my family, I have two cousins who suffer from it, I assumed that I’ll have to deal with it all my life. Thankfully, my son is healed. His EEG does not show the two focal epileptic centers that were in his right hemisphere as a young child, and he does not suffer from seizures anymore. Since Life Alignment is spiritual in nature it cannot be scientifically proven that it is the cause of my son’s recuperation, but I distinctly feel that it is. So I am eternally grateful to whatever forces of this Universe that helped my son to heal, including the Life Alignment method.  Thank you.

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