Balance your life

For optimum health a person should take action to balance his/her life in a responsible manner. Too often people respond to life and their days are filled with reactions to what life throws at them, rather than taking action aimed at what they believe to be best for them.

Here are a few rules to help you evaluate the ingredients of your day to day life and allow you the opportunity to change how you live your life.

I believe that to have a balanced life means to be involved in at least 6 life fields. What are “life fields”?

“work”, “relationship with your spouse”, “parenting”, “home making”, “sports”, “friends”, “specific hobby”, “nutrition”.

Many people go through life without having 6 life fields in which they are active. Many people may say that they have only “work” and “home” in their life. Many may think that they have 5-6 life fields in which they are active, but in truth, some of these life fields are very neglected and they always mean to invest in them, only not right now because life is just too hectic now to do that.

Life, as we all know, has its own agenda. It keeps on going forward day after day and does not wait or goes back for anybody. If we are only reacting to life in the “work” field or in the “parenting” field, or in any other field in our life, we might end up being very discontented. We might feel that we have been taken advantage of. We then feel that we never acted in that life field, we only reacted, because that’s how things were. We couldn’t change that. And that it isn’t our fault. We couldn’t have done it differently.

While it is healthy to not blame ourselves, it is still not advised to go through life in this manner. It is not a balanced life. Therefore, in my opinion, it cannot really make us happy if we conduct ourselves this way. And the problem is that too many people are doing just that.

On the other hand, the benefits of having a balanced life are countless.

If we have a life in which we balance our stamina and energy and we are invested and alive in many life fields… that makes us rich. Rich in “joie de vivre”.

In cases where some of the life fields that we are involved in are “flat”, where we are only reacting and not investing our energy, it may mean that another life field had sucked up all our energy and left us with very little left, so the other life fields are empty. Hence the key word “balance”.

To balance our life is to decide that no one life field will suck up our energy and leave us with little or nothing at all for all the other life fields that comprise our life. It means to make sure that we have 5-6 life fields in which we are involved and alive. The result is good health and a happy heart, for we truly are alive and not only reacting to life.

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