About Me

Eilat Haimovich - About MeI was born on August 24, 1961, at 6am in Rehovot, Israel. I was named Eilat after the Southern city of Israel where my parents first met. My mother served in the army there and my father was a conservationist who worked as inspector on the Red Sea beaches to make sure no coral poachers are active there. Later my parents moved to Rehovot where my mother’s family lived. My mother is the youngest daughter of a family of 9 children. Her parents immigrated to Israel from Yemen. After her army duty, my mother studied to be a nurse and worked in the newborn babies ward in the local hospital. My father was born in Romania and survived WWII. He immigrated as a child on his own, at the age of 10 to Israel and lived in Tel Yosef kibbutz. He reunited with his parents in Israel when he was 17 years old. He continued to study Biology in the university and was a scientist who worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. Later he worked as a Professor at the School of Medicine in the Tel Aviv University.

I used to think that I ended up working in a field that is very remote from my upbringing as a daughter of parents who were in the field of conventional medicine. Only later in life I realized that I did inherit my field of work from my upbringing. I work as a healer, even though I am a spiritual healer, it is a kind of medicine all the same.

Initially, after finishing high school and the army duty, I married and gave birth to my son. During my marriage I lived in Jerusalem. I divorced my husband after three years of marriage, when my son was one year old, and I moved back to Rehovot, my home town. I started working in hi-tech companies in secretarial jobs. I noticed that there were no secretaries where I worked who were older than the age of forty. I thought that there must be some secretary-monster, like the cookie-monster in Sesame Street show that eats them up… So I changed my focus and worked as project manager on various projects that were of interest to me.

Upon encountering the Life Alignment spiritual healing method I knew what I should be doing with my life… By the end of 1999 I became a full time Life Alignment practitioner and left my job in the hi-tech industry. Upon leaving I took the money of all the options that were vested that I could take. I still had options that were not yet vested, so I thought that by leaving, I am foregoing about USD140K worth of options. Little did I know that within three months they would be worth nothing, due to the financial collapse of the hi-tech industry world-wide. My leaving the hi-tech industry was divinely timed…

Since 2000 I have worked as a healer in my clinic and studied Psychology in the Open University of Israel. I graduated with a BSc. in Psychology in 2015. I wrote a book called “The Lake of Love” which was published in Hebrew in mid-2012. It was translated to English and Russian and was published in these languages by the end of 2015. The books are available at Amazon.

I enjoy my life immensely. I love my work. I love my home which now happens to be also my workplace. I love the city I live in. I love my close family and friends. It was a very difficult and challenging job to raise my son on my own, but it was worth every minute. Even the very scary times when my son had active epileptic seizures are precious to me. I learned a great deal about life, love, relationships, people, backbone and standing up to what I believe in, as well as astrology, ecology, psychology, Native American medicine and spirituality.

All that I am and that I have learned and experienced over the years serve me when I am dealing with the challenges that life continues to throw my way, as well as helping others who come to me for consultation and Life Alignment sessions.